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About Right On Promo

What makes us the best?
We love what we do and not only can we recommend the perfect promotional item, we can recommend the best uses and campaign ideas to work in conjunction with that item. Right On Promo is a global marketing solutions provider and a strongest creative team in the industry today.

Our Culture
We have a culture of high performance, collaboration and revolutionary strategy. We cultivate an environment of authenticity and empowerment where our core values remain an integral part of our culture. They give us confidence that we are doing the right thing because they guide our daily decisions. We believe an achievement-oriented environment is motivating, inspiring and energizing.

Commitment to an Honest Business Relationship
By industry standards Right On Promo ’s success rate is something to be proud of, but things go wrong. So much of the “business” day we seem to be putting out spot-fires. While we’ve failed to provide the service and quality of product we should at times, our commitment to you is to admit and make good our mistakes. To discuss openly and fairly any concerns you raise and to the best of our abilities provide honest and open answers. We can’t always give you what you want but we promise to be fair and truthful in dealing with you.

How Can We Help You Grow Your Business?
Promotional products offer superior return on investment. It’s an honorable business. For the price of an advertisement in the Yellow Pages you get boxes of something real. As traditional advertising fades away and our personal business relationships are conducted in a digital cloud the products our industry provides are a way to personalize an increasingly impersonal business world.

Our Strength
Right On Promo is a premier leading distributor of low-price promotional products, offering deep inventory, reliable service and 24-hour turnaround. Right On’s wide-ranging selection includes everything from popular products like pens and drinkware to bags and mobile tech, as well as a full line of Canadian-made products. Recognized as the industry’s low-price leader, Right On also demonstrates a firm commitment to quality.

With an in-house creative design team, Right On Promo continually creates great ideas with the look & feel customers want. Our sourcing service and cutting-edge creative-design capabilities provide a seamless experience from start to finish.

Right On Promo is a full service promotional and premium merchandise company with a focus on creating targeted, distinctive solutions to differentiate our clients in the marketplace and deliver a solid, measurable return on their investment. We are passionate about exceeding our clients’ expectations, meeting their objectives, and making their lives easier.

Creative. Dependable. Resourceful.